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5 Summer Colors You Should Incorporate into Your Home

If your house is looking more dark and mysterious than you’d like, it’s time to put your summer decorating ideas into gear. Here are 5 summer colors you should be using in your home to get it ready for the warm days ahead.Look to brighten your house with these paints. A local tool rental place can help with paint sprayers , ladders and other tools needed for this project


Not quite yellow but far from brown, goldenrod is both cheerful and elegant when used in the home. Use this hue for an accent wall, in a rug, or even as your tablecloth for those light sandwich snacks during the day.

Robin’s Egg Blue

This color will make you think of crisp, blue skies without also making you feel like you are in a little boy’s room. Use robin’s egg blue in your china, decorative throws, in pretty pillows in your living room, or even in bold stripes in your curtains.


Magenta makes you think of ripe strawberries and velvety roses, and is the perfect color to brighten your home all summer long. This color is also very uplifting and motivating, making it perfect for your summer adventures. Consider magenta candles, or a large shag rug in this hue in your living room. Bold and beautiful, a little magenta goes a long way.

Spring Greenhome-maintenance-tricks-to-ensure-that-your-house-is-a-safe-haven-to-live-in_1

This is the perfect color for funky design. Get spring green lamp covers, table place settings, chair cushions, or table runners to let this lovely hue bring any room to life.


Since violet is a summer pastel, it’s a great color for curtains, an accent wall, and even carpeting. If working with violet tones, contrast this soft summer hue with bold counterparts, such as magenta or robin’s egg blue, to really make it pop.

You can improve your house into summer worthiness quickly by using any of these fun and amazing colors. Make your home warm and inviting by using any (or all) of these favorite summer tones in your decorating plans for the season.



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